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Our Services

earth work

Civil Earth Work

We provide the prep you need to be prepared for the start of construction. You'll receive quality earth work from us as well as providing a stable foundation.

concrete work

Industrial Concrete

With Built Concrete Construction, you will always get a strong, stable foundation from us. If you are needing industrial concrete, let us provide that work.

hdpe pipe

HDPE Pipeline

When you are needing HDPE pipeline, let the experts handle it. Installing pipeline requires experience as well as attention to detail and we have both. Contact us to learn more.

Built Concrete offers many types of Pre-cast concrete. From barrier blocks in 4' and 6' to pipe support block, sleeper blocks, pump pads, vessel supports and custom blocks built to fit your needs.

Pre-Cast Concrete

Built Concrete offers many different pre-cast concrete options. From barrier blocks in 4' or 6' to large custom vessel supports. We stock various sizes of pump pad, sleeper blocks and pipe supports. Custom pre-cast orders can be filled with quick turn around times.

Fast Fusion

Fast Fusion

Built offers the benefit of Fast-Fusion technology to all pipeline projects through our MFT-20 Mobile Fusion Trac machines - the industries safest, fastest and most efficient method of fusing HDPE pipelines. We also utilize Fast-Fusion Cool Pack technology for fabrication and facility construction. By integrating Fast-Fusion proprietary technology through our entire process we offer the most advanced, lowest cost service available in the industry.

Our certified fusing professionals are highly skilled and trained in the process to ensure all welds are completed properly.

Put our expertise and advanced technology to work on your next HDPE pipeline or project.

We have a combined 30+ years of experience in providing quality work, precision construction, and outstanding service to clients of all types for HDPE pipeline construction, heavy civil dirt work construction and concrete construction services in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona.

We strive to provide quality driven, safety minded, professionally managed concrete projects and construction for the energy, industrial and commercial markets that we serve.

We are here to provide strong foundations for our customers, communities, and employees. We believe good business is more business. We want our customers and employees to benefit from that "good business", and in turn our communities will be enriched as well.



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